Backflow Preventer Testing in North Vancouver.

BC Plumbing Code requires backflow preventers to be selected and installed in accordance with CSA B64.10. This standard in turn references CSA B64.10.1. for the testing of backflow preventers at the time of installation. For property owners, there are things to be aware of when it comes to managing Backflow testing and contamination prevention. Backflow is when water in a municipal water supply flows the wrong way. Some properties, such as large commercial & industrial facilities, may have to put in place practices such as backflow prevention devices to reduce the likelihood of problems.

What causes Backflow and how to prevent it?

So, how does it happen you ask? Backflow can happen for a number of reasons but essentially the water supply is intended to flow one-way and there are two main types of backflow that can occur. The first is “Back Pressure” which is caused by an increase in the pressure of the on-premise water supply, this could be from a large change in temperature, the elevation of a water tank, or the addition of a pump. The other type of back flow from is “Back Siphonage” which is when the main water supply reverses flow, usually as a result of a major drop in pressure of the local water supply which could happen say if a water main broke.

What Is A Backflow Device?

A Backflow prevention device stops the flow of water from a building back into the municipality’s potable water supply. This prevents any harmful chemicals, toxins and foreign material from entering the clean drinking supply.

Types of Backflows

There are many different types of backflow prevention devices but the most popular are; Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA) and Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly (RP).

A Backflow Preventer keeps your tap water clean and drinkable and is designed to protect the quality of your water supply. Under certain circumstances, it is possible that the flow of water through your water line may reverse and contaminated water could be allowed to flow back into the main water line. This is why proper backflow preventer installation and consistent backflow preventer testing is so important. A backflow preventer will only allow water to flow in a single direction and its job is to prevent the water from entering your fresh water supply. To mitigate issues and maintain the safety of the water supply we provide essential backflow Preventer testing and backflow preventer installation services.


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